Art-Kitect Conservation


No, the value of any artwork that enters the Art-Kitect Conservation Laboratory and undergoes any kind of treatment is never lowered. In fact, the services that a trained conservator provides may increase the value once the piece has completed its full conservation treatment and/or repairs. If the market value of your piece is a concern for you, please opt-in to receive our official condition report, treatment report and appraisals. Conservators and appraisers agree that conservation treatment doesn’t decrease a painting’s value and will help with re-sale.

The conservators who work at Art-Kitect Conservation Inc. are some of the highest trained professionals within the G.T.A., specializing in the preservation, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage works (also known as fine art or cultural property). All of our staff members at a minimum have completed a Master’s Degree in Fine Art Conservation and mandatory internship hours that are imperative to work within this field.

Our lab’s turn-around time for one project is 1 – 2 months. One project may consist of 1 – 3 similar paintings. Small paintings needing minor treatments will take less that one-month. Rush projects can be completed in 1 – 2 weeks for an additional fee.
Yes, Art-Kitect is insured and maintains a policy with coverage of up 500,000.00$ per individual claim and up to 1,000,000.00$ in aggregate coverage. Please inform us during your consultation if your piece has a larger valuation than our coverage. Each individual artwork that enters the lab will be documented for insurance purposes and the client will enter a contract with the conservator byway of Art-Kitect’s Client Waiver. Our Client Waiver helps us accurately catalogue the artwork, explain our coverage and start the treatment process. Art-Kitect is able to provide Certificate of Insurance and W.S.I.B Certificates for large scale projects.

Art-Kitect will take requests for estimates via e-mail with clear photos and extensive details of the piece. Please click here to go to our request a quote page. Assessments done via e-mail are not definite and informal, and the piece will have to be re-assessed once it’s in our lab. For your convenience, Art-Kitect is available for either on-site or in-lab consultations Monday – Sunday, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM with a booking.
Many of our clients require official reports. Art-Kitect conservators are able to generate detailed condition reports and treatment proposals at the client’s request. These reports are generally used by museums and collectors to decide if they would like to purchase a new work of art or treat a damaged work in their collection.

For a fine art conservator to know the value of any piece we have to consult with an accredited fine art appraiser. If you’re interested in pursuing the history, provenance, or value of your artwork, please call us at 647-348-8182 to start the process of having your artwork appraised.

Yes, Art-Kitect works with many insurance companies on both claims related to damaged works of art and recouping after disaster has struck. Please give us a call 647-348-8182 or see our page on Disaster/ Emergency Response or Insurance Claims on how we can facilitate your claim.

Yes, Art-Kitect conservators are available to conduct an on-site examination of your piece or collection. Yes, Art-Kitect conservators are available to mobilize on-site or conduct a treatment at your place. On-site work is an additional fee that covers mobilizing our lab and any equipment rentals. Art-Kitect also offers an Artwork Pick-Up And Delivery Service for clients who would prefer not transporting their artwork to the lab themselves.
Please contact us at 647-348-8182 or [email protected] to schedule an appointment for consultations and artwork transportation.

Absolutely! We hope that all the artwork you own adds great value to your life, both aesthetically and financially. Our team is available for artwork consultation and are here to answer any questions you may have if you’re apprehensive about its value, history, condition, repairs and future maintenance. As cultural heritage experts, we have extensive experience working with damaged pieces and collections, we can truly assess if a piece you’re interested in is worth buying. We offer an array of official reports meant to always stay with the piece and can discuss possible treatment plans, framing and environmental concerns.
Please see our Collections Management page for information on services we offer if you’re interested in starting a collection and on the importance of conservation reports and appraisals.

Period frames have been increasing in value over the last decade, and paintings in their original frames are worth more than paintings that have been put in newer frames. This is particularly true of frames with gilded surfaces. For these reasons, most period frames in reasonable condition are worth a conservation assessment. A treatment proposal from a professional conservator will outline the options and their costs.