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Thank you for your interest in our services. Please help us understand your request by including high-resolution photographs of the back and front of the artwork, as well as close-ups of problem areas.

Please describe as best you can the problem areas and how the artwork was damaged. Include any information you know of the artwork’s media, title, artist name and dimensions.


Art Conservation Consulting and Treatment Services

We are a network of cultural heritage experts that specialize in the conservation, preservation, and restoration of artifacts, fine art and architecture. We offer consulting and treatment services for private and corporate collectors, art dealers, museums and cultural institutions. Our conservators have university training at a Master’s degree level and bring with them profound working knowledge acquired from attending schools and employment from across the globe. As experts in our field we use decades of experience to foresee the challenges that each artwork will face in its long-term care. Art-Kitect Conservation Inc. is the successor company to Jana Fine Art CPR Ltd., formerly JANA Conservation, proudly established in 1983. We practice the expert techniques of Janice Passafuime.

Our Clients are Our Top Priority

Our clients benefit from the collaborative efforts that the various specialists in our lab bring to the conservation field. Each project is discussed with conservators, conservation scientists, and curators to find the most suitable solution to any type of problem is facing with their heritage pieces. We treat all objects with the same respect, and to each, apply the same high standard of conservation work.

Services We Offer

We offer a combined 45 years of conservation experience in on-site, museum, and laboratory environments. We pride ourselves on maintaining…
About Our Services
  • Paintings

    • In-painting (touch-up of loss paint)
    • Tears and Punctures
    • Cleaning
    • Varnishing and Varnish Removal
  • Works on Paper

    • Unrolling and Flattening
    • Water, Soil and Residue Damage
    • Tears and Punctures
    • Hinging and Mounting
  • Wall Murals

    • On-site Restoration, Conservation
    • Preservation and Cleaning
    • Removal and Mounting
    • Heritage Assessments
  • Conservation Science

    • Historic Forensic Investigation
    • Training Workshops
    • Specimen Sampling and Lab Testing
    • Sample Extraction
  • Sculptures

    • Water, Soil and Residue Damage
    • Period Maintenance
    • Repair of Losses and Cracking
    • Laser Cleaning
  • Heritage & Architecture

    • Historic Building Conservation
    • Historic Color Palette Consultation
    • Historic Finishes Consultation
    • Retrofitting Consultation
  • Other Artifacts & Services

    • Historic Forensic Investigation (Materials)
    • Training Workshops
    • Specimen Sampling and Lab Testing (for identification)
    • Sample Extraction

Client Information

Each of your pieces is very unique and requires a custom treatment plan that is specific to its needs. We have included important information to help you better understand our process from the moment you bring us your artifact right to when we deliver you the final product.
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